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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It comes as no surprise to anyone who knows me that I am a real fan of CAS ("Computer Algebra System") calculators, especially the HP-50G. I highly encourage all of my fellow HP-50G fans to sign up and contribute snippets of their knowledge about this powerful tool to this excellent Wiki:

I've owned my HP-50G for years and have come to learn many of its secrets and hidden powers. It is my hope and prayer that others who share more than a passing interest in The Queen of All Sciences, Mathematics, and computer-like gadgets that assist us in our Mathematical Recreations would take some time to purchase and play with this amazing device. (By the way, I receive nothing from HP for my endorsement of this excellent product other than my personal satisfaction with it.)

For some people, their recreational time with electronic devices is playing games and everyone has a favourite game.

I am no different as my favourite game is called PROGRAMMING. It's a highly entertaining game, fun to do, fun to learn, and best of all - I GET PAID TO DO IT! I hope that every young man or woman who has interests similar to my own will learn to love this "game" as I do, for it can lead to a great deal of success in life.

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