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Sunday, September 27, 2009

It's a lovely Sunday morning in Hillsboro. The sky is clear, the temperature hovers around 60 degrees and the windows are wide open. Nothing beats breathing the fresh air of the rural countryside! Ahhh...

On Wednesday, I'll be leaving for the HP conference that I wrote about earlier and am making the trip a memorable vacation to Fort Collins, Colorado by riding the rails of Amtrak.

My mother, who loves travel and wants to see what Fort Collins is like, will be my traveling partner. She and I are very excited about the scenery that we'll enjoy and having ridden Amtrak before for short trips to Chicago and back, as well as Hermann and back, are sure that this first long trip across the Midwest will be even more rewarding. Amtrak offers some great travel bargains for travelers of all kinds (especially writers!) and I encourage everyone to consider seeing our beautiful country with an Amtrak rail pass!

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